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About Chekin

Chekin helps hosts automate the entire check-in process from the booking confirmation till the check-out. Allowing them to save time, money and comply with the legal requirements by managing everything online: guests registration, identity verification, remote access, data sending to authorities, tourist taxes, upselling and much more.

Chekin & Cloudbeds Set Up

1. Visit Chekin registration page and complete the entire registration process. Select Cloudbeds as your PMS.

Step 1/2

Step 2/2

2. Click on “Connect with Cloudbeds” Button. The page will redirect you to Cloudbeds where you will have to authorize Chekin to access your data (if you are not in you will have to complete the login process)

3. After that you will be redirected back to Chekin where you will land on the mapping screen. Watch a video about how Chekin dashboard works.

Try Chekin during 14 days for free

You have all doors opened during 14 days to understand how Chekin can help you in your day-to-day activities. Just enjoy our platform without any commitment or credit card at all.