GR 24633

Save time and money by allowing your guests to register themselves.

A 100% automatic process currently validated by almost 4 million happy guests.

A turning point in your registration process

  • Significantly improve your guests’ experience
  • Reduce tedious waiting times for your guests during registration
  • Offer top online registration in the industry
  • Increase ​​your incomes by selling your offers and experiences in the tool with the highest conversion
  • Allows contactless registration

Specially designed to meet all your expectations

The process is very simple and can be completed in less than 1 minute.

1. Your guests receive a link

Your guests receive an email with the registration link (or you can copy the link and send it by whatsapp, sms … etc)

2. They confirm their reservation

We show your guests the details of their reservation for confirmation. You can also ask for their email or phone number.

Premium feature

3. They verify their identity (optional)

We ask them to take a photo of their ID or passport and to take a selfie. Our software will compare both photos to find similarities. (+)

4. They sign

Your guests will be able to read and sign the lease, accepting the rules of the accommodation

5. They personalize their experience (optional)

Your guests will be able to access the offers and experiences that you propose to them. This will increase your income of each reservation. (+)

6. They pay

Once the process is finished, your guests will have the option to pay online quickly, easily and safely. (+)

And we have more to offer you …

Custom forms

You will be able to add the fields that you deem appropriate in the form that your guests will fill out during the online check-in.

Custom emails

Customize and create templates with all the information you want to send to your guests. Choose when they should receive them and we will send them automatically.

Automated ‘Know Your Guest’

You will receive all the information of your guests (including if they have problems with the law) and you will be able to meet them without having to see them in person.

Universal link

You can generate an unique link that you can send to your guests through the channel you want.


Online Check-in

How does Online Check-in benefit my business?

You will be able to reduce the check-in time for each guest and work more efficiently, saving time to invest in your business.

As it is a fully automatic process, you won’t have to worry about anything if you manage several tourist accommodations at the same time. All the information will be synchronised and updated on the same platform.

You will be able to offer your guests a fast and contactless experience, which is crucial for the reactivation of safe tourism and to provide confidence to the guest.

Can my guest share the Online check-in with the other reservation members?

Your lead guest can complete the Online Check-in for all the reservations members or share the form link with them.

Where can I see guests data once they register online?

Anytime one of your guests complete a mobile check-in you will be able to see the real time data on your Chekin dashboard, this way you can also check them before they are transferred to your Police account.

Could I use this tool to register guests onsite?

Of course, you can scan your guests’ data yourself at the moment of their arrival using our Chekin tool.

Can I customise the automated emails that are sent to my guests?

Of course, you can add your company logo and personalise the communication with your guests. You can manage everything from the dashboard, and edit the template.

Still have a question?

If you want, you can automate your check-ins right now