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Let us calculate and manage them for you

Our software automatically calculates the tourist rates for any country or region in the world.

A feature designed to free you from concerns

  • Once the data is collected, it is automatically calculated
  • You can configure the collection of taxes during online check-in
  • It is calculated based on the region where your accommodation is located
  • You will not have to be afraid of being wrong again
  • We improve your reputation

Do you still have doubts?

We explain it to you with an example

Tourist taxes depend on the age of the guests, the type of property, region, country…

Imagine the same family consisting of two adults and 3 children (9, 15 and 17 years old) traveling to 3 different countries (Spain, Italy and France).

This family reserves a 4-star hotel in each country (taxes may also vary depending on the hotel’s stars) and will stay two nights in each one.


Palma de Mallorca

Hotel with 4 stars

Under 16 years old are

2 nights
x 3 persons
(9 y 15 years old exempt)
x 3 euros/person

Tourist taxes = 18 euros



Hotel with 4 stars

Under 10 years old are

2 nights
x 4 persons
(9 years old exempt)
x 6 euros/person

Tourist taxes = 48 euros



Hotel with 4 stars

Under 18 years old are

2 nights
x 2 persons
(9, 15 y 17 years old exempt)
x 2.27 euros/person

Tourist taxes = 9.08 euros *

*In France, this rate is increased by an extra regional 10%.

Tourist taxes thorugh the Online Check-in (to be completed by guests)

Tourist taxes in the dashboard (configurated by the owners)

Let´s see how it works.


Tourist Taxes

Can I edit the amount of tourist taxes my guests will have to pay?

We put at your disposal the structure of the specific tourist tax of your territory as we have it in our database and always according to the official requirements. However, we allow you to modify the amounts of the tourist taxes since the competent authority updates these amounts with certain frequency.

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