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Online check-in across Austria vacation homes: Wien, Burgenland, Gmunden and Graz

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Managing 115 Properties Made Easy with Online Check-In

We significantly improve the experience of your guests and, of course, your own.

We have developed a tool in which you will save hundreds of hours a year

Online Check-in

Our online check-in tool is at the top of the market. Designed from minute one to provide your guests with a simple, fast and pleasant check-in experience.

Automatic sending to the authorities

We generate and send guest’s reports to local authorities automatically, complying with all legal requirements. We save these data in the cloud in digital format.

Remote Access

We send your guests a virtual key so that they can access the property independently. You will no longer have to waste time traveling to the house for the key delivery and collection process.

Identity Verification

We verify the identity through our biometric comparison software, ensuring that the documentation provided corresponds to the person accessing your home.

Tourist Tax

Ask your guests to pay the tourist tax during online check-in. We calculate it automatically for you based on the country, region, type of property, number of adults / children…


Offer your guests personalized experiences, such as early check-in / late check-out, services, transportation, leisure activities … And generate more money from each reservation and more direct bookings!

Personalized rental contracts and digital signature

You can customize the rental contract by adding all the clauses you want. Your guests will be able to read and digitally sign it during online check-in.

Online Payments

Request online payments related to the reservation, upsells, tourist rates and all the personalized payments that you want to include during online check-in or during their stay.

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