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An all-in-one solution to manage your guests.

Automate your check-ins, avoid travel and waste of time.

Check-in online and onsite

Your guests can check-in themselves using an online form that we will send through a link once the reservation is confirmed. A simple, fast and incredible experience for your guests.

Identity verification

The villas are usually located in places quite far from the city. For this reason, we want to make it easy for you to verify the identity of your guests from a distance.

We check the identity of the guest using our biometric comparison software, ensuring that the documentation provided corresponds to the person who will access the home.

Personalized rental agreeements and digital signature

During online registration, your guests will add their details automatically or manually and sign a lease that puedes personalizar y añadir tantas cláusulas como desees.


Offer your guests personalized experiences, such as early check-in / late check-out, filling their fridge, own or external services, transportation, leisure activities … Monetize each experience and earn more money!

Damage Protection and Deposits

Your and your guests’ peace of mind. At online check-in, they can choose to pay for a damage protection insurance (better experience) or they can make a deposit, which will be blocked until after check-out.

Online Payments

You can manage all payments from the Chekin dashboard, how to receive payments related to the reservation during the online check-in process, or request an extra payment for a service added to the room.

Tourist Taxes

Ask your guests to pay the tourist tax during online check-in. We calculate it automatically for you based on the country, region, type of property, number of adults / children…

Remote Access

Can you imagine not having to travel through your city to hand over the keys?

Offer your guests the possibility of accessing the accommodation independently. Once the identity of the guest is verified, we will send you a virtual key with which you can access the property. No need for guest-host contact.

Automatic Sending to the Authorites

We send your guests’ data to the authorities automatically, complying with all legal requirements. We will save these data in the cloud in digital format.

Integrated with most PMS on the market

You can manage everything from a single platform

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With our app, you can manage your bookings, make check-ins and send data to the police in a very easy way.