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Automate the process with online deposits

Your guests will pay an online deposit: you decide the amount and type of deposit. Instantly block or pre-authorize the amount to protect yourself from any unforeseen events. Once confirmed that there is no damage, refund the money with just one click.

*Rates and coverage vary depending on the type of currency.

Enhanced safeguard with the Damage Protection plan

We partner with Waivo®, experts in vacation rental protection. Choose a deductible-free coverage that best suits your needs, set the rate for your guests, and generate extra revenue for each booking while enhancing their experience.”

Protections tailored to your business

Deposit online

  • Financial Security: Safeguard your properties with peace of mind.
  • Instant Payment: Receive online deposits immediately.
  • Guest Commitment: Encourage guests to protect and respect your properties.
  • Customized Refunds: Tailor the refund period to suit your needs.

Damage Protection Plan

  • No Deductibles: Guests pay a fixed insurance fee – no additional costs. 
  • Increase Revenue per Booking: Boost your profits by adding a margin to the final guest charge.
  • Smooth Communication: Report damages without involving guests for a seamless resolution. 
  • Comprehensive Protection: Covering everything from accidental to intentional damage, theft, and more.