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Integrate your brand identity into the online check-in

Incorporate your brand identity and design logo, colors, fonts, domain, and beyond into the online guest registration process to deliver a digital experience that truly showcases your brand’s personality. With our real-time preview, you can instantly see how your branding customization looks, ensuring your vision comes to life exactly as intended.

Enable easy branding customization across all your properties

Managing multiple properties can be challenging, especially when it comes to maintaining a consistent brand identity. Our Branded Guest App allows you to save multiple design templates, making it easy to apply them across all properties for seamless brand uniformity.

Save development and resources

With our Branded Guest App, you won’t need to invest time and resources in developing your own check-in system. We offer a user-friendly check-in platform with branding customization options.

Elevate your service further with Chekin’s SDK, which allows you to easily integrate the online check-in process directly into your existing platform. This enables you to define your own flows for a fully personalized guest registration experience.

Ready to offer an on-brand check-in experience?