FI 24720

With identity verification, all are advantages

We have created a secure and contactless process that will allow you to confirm who is going to enter your home before their arrival

As simple as taking a selfie

  • It only takes a few seconds to verify identity
  • You will be able to know who your guests are without physical contact
  • We avoid fraud and potential criminal consequences
  • Save time registering each guest
  • We help you project a top presence in technology

How it Works?

We guarantee that your guests will have a unique experience.

1. Your guests take a photo of their identity document

Where the photo of the person is

2. Your guests take a selfie in real time

They confirm when they are sure that the photo is correct. Simple.

3. Our software compares both photos automatically

The algorithm looks for similarities to ensure that it is the same person.

We base our tool on 3 pillars:


We have worked on our biometric comparison software to achieve great precision and efficiency in authenticating guests in a matter of seconds.


Thanks to this tool, we protect our hosts from fraud and from sheltering undesirable guests.


Our team has spent hundreds of hours of development on this feature and we continue to investigate every day to always have it at the top.


Identity Verification

Is the Online Identity Verification included in the basic package?

No. It’s an extra feature that you will have to pay for separately and add to your basic plan.

Is it reliable?

Our software has been properly tested and complies with all technical and legal requirements. It is totally reliable.

What if there was an error in verifying identity? Would that guest not be registered?

If for any reason the identity verification does not complete, you can always verify it manually from your dashboard.

Still have a question?

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