Frequently Asked Questions


  • In which countries could I use CheKin?
    • You can use CheKin in all countries.
  • What do I have to do to try CheKin? Could I do it for free?
    • Easy, just register yourself. You can enjoy CheKin 14 days for free!
  • I have an important amount of properties? Do I have any advantage?
    • Contact sales and they will help you. You can do it by clicking on the bot placed at the bottom left corner of your screen.

Online check-in

  • How does Online Check-in benefit my business?
    • Online check-in allows you to reduce time and costs of check-in process, it moves the traditional reception desk to the guests´ phone. At the same time your guests will have more time to enjoy their stay and we can assure you will get more and more valuable feedback on your OTA listings. It’s the perfect tool to help reduce contact, which is super important to face coronavirus.
  • Can my guest share the Online CheKin with the other reservation’s members?
    • Your lead guest can complete the Online CheKin for all the reservations members or share the form link with them.
  • Where can I see guests data once they register online?
    • Anytime one of your guests register online you will be able to see real time the data on your CheKin dashboard so you can also check them before they will be transferred to your Police account.
  • Could I use this tool to register guests onsite?
    • Of course. You can take advantage of our reliable tool to register your guests in an simpler and faster way.

Legal Compliance

  • Which are the countries legally covered by CheKin?
    • In many countries, it is mandatory to register guests, communicate their personal information with police forces or store the documentation for a certain period. CheKin has digitised the bureaucracy in most countries that is needed. If your accommodation is based in one of these countries CheKin help you being 100% legally compliant: Austria, Belgium, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Dubai, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand, United Kingdom. If your country does not appear here and you still has to do some bureaucracy in each Check-in, please contact us at
  • Which is the documentation generated by CheKin?
    • for the countries listed above CheKin generates all the official documentation required by local authorities. CheKin creates the entry form for each guest registered and sends the data to the Police and Statistics Institute,allowing you to store all the documents generated online for the time required by law. The software gives you also the opportunity to create a short rental agreement where you can add the clauses to ensure your property.

Identity Verification

  • Is it Online Identity Verification included in the basic package?
    • If you have subscribed to Basic package only you can’t require your guests to verify their identity online. To do that you have to activate the Premium package, which includes the Self CheKin.
  • How online identity verification works?
    • During the Online registration CheKin will require your guests to take a selfie and a picture of the ID. These will be compared by using biometric match technology so, in case you can’t be available for the check-in, your guests can access your accommodation and also you won’t be worried about that since you already verified their identity.

Self Check-in

  • Can I connect CheKin with my smart lock?
    • You can connect CheKin with all the smart locks and key storage systems CheKin is already integrated with. At the moment we can connect to TTLock and Omnitec smart locks and also to KeyNest service. Soon we will release the following integrations: Keyless, NUKI, Akiles and Homeit.

Tourist Taxes

  • Can I edit tourist taxes amount required to my guests?
    • Once you activate this service we make available for you the tourist tax structure we have on our database. Anyway, we allow you to modify tourist taxes amounts since with a certain frequency the city hall office update those quantities.


  • Is CheKin integrated with my PMS?
    • CheKin is already integrated with the most important softwares in the industry and every month completes more and more integrations. To check if we are connected with your PMS visit the Integrations page of the website, if your PMS does not appear there, please contact
  • Which info of my PMS account is synced on CheKin?
    • All your listings and bookings are synced on CheKin and, in case something is updated on PMS side, the new info will be reflected on real time in CheKin too.