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Add an online store to your accommodation. It’s free.

And thanks to our powerful online check-in, sell your upsells in the channel with the highest conversion

We are going to help you revolutionize your business

  • Increase your income for each reservation
  • Increase your direct bookings
  • Improve your reviews
  • Decrease cancellations
  • Improve your guest experience.

1. Create unique experiences in a very simple way

Enter the basic information of the offer, availability and select the properties where you want to activate it. Fast and easy.

2. We publish them in the channel with the highest conversion.

We create a page with all your offers and experiences that will be available at all times from booking to check-out, not only during online check-in.

And we have more to offer…

Specialized Photo Library

We offer you a range of perfect images so that you get the maximum conversion in your offers.

Reports and ROI

We offer you reports of the result of your actions with which you can analyze how they impact the ROI.

Personalized Emails

Emails are an important channel in some of the booking phases. You can customize them as you like.

Omnichannel at your service

Other channels such as whatsapp, sms, telegram … are vital in other phases of the reservation. Share your offers.

Completely free

We will advise you personally. We help you create the best offers and experiences.

Updated coaching

We teach you in every step you take in your dashboard. In addition, we update the information continuously so that you are always up to date.

Webinars for you

We offer webminars where we work directly with you to create winning offers and experiences together.

Tips and Tricks

We are always creating and innovating in upselling and we share with all of you the result of these practices.


Offers and Experiences

How much does this feature cost?

It’s totally free! Personalized experiences are part of the basic plan. Only the experiences that your guests pay for, Chekin will charge a 10% commission

Can I set my own price for the experiences?

Yes! you will be able to set the price that suits you better. We will also advise you to recommend a reasonable price, because if you set an exorbitant price, your guests will probably not want to buy it from you.

What is the benefit I get as a host by offering experiences?

Literally, earn more money with every booking and make your business much more profitable. Besides that, another very important point is that your customers will be happier because you will give them an unforgettable stay. This will give you better reviews which means more bookings.

Is it possible to include experiences offered by third organisations?

Of course, if you have any agreements with restaurants or companies that offer experiences such as horseback riding, snorkelling and more, you can include it. Setting it up is as simple as adding a photo, text and the price you decide. Your guests can easily pay for it in one click and you earn more money.

Can I automatically include the services of businesses dedicated exclusively to touristic experiences?

At the moment you have to include all experiences manually, but we are working on making it possible for you to automatically upload ALL experiences from other specialised companies in the near future. You will earn more money for each booking without doing anything.

Can I offer different experiences for different types of guests?

That’s right, you can easily preconfigure certain experiences to appear to certain guests because you will have all the information registered in your Chekin control panel. You know your guests better than anyone else and you know what each one likes.

For example, you can set up a romantic welcome pack for guests who come as a couple. However, a family may not be so interested in this option, so it won’t appear (if you don’t want it to). Instead, families could be given the option to have a full fridge the day they arrive at the property. Completely personalised.

Still have a question?

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This functionality is called to revolutionise the guest experience while generating more income for the hosts.

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