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Charging your guests has never been easier

A single safe and efficient platform where you can receive all payments related to the reservation

All are advantages

  • You can enjoy a lower commission than other platforms
  • You can configure that all payments will be made in the online check-in process.
  • All payments in the same tool
  • We avoid fraud
  • We improve your reputation

Have all payments automated

We allow all charges related to the reservation to be made online.


You can charge the stay during check-in online or independently with a link that you can send to your guests.

Upsells ( experiences )

They can be charged during online check-in (if they are accepted and paid immediately) or through a payment link that you can share

Extra charges

They can be charged during or after the stay and will be done through a payment link that you can send to your guests through various channels.

Damage protection

They can be paid just before the end of the online check-in, along with the rest of the payments, or through an independent payment link.


They will be made by blocking the amount you want on your guests’ credit card and it will be automatically unblocked after the stay.

Tourist taxes

We calculate them automatically for you and allow the guest to pay them during online check-in.

Our payment platform is:


A totally automatic process and without direct physical contact with the guest.


We guarantee the security of all payments, both for the guest and yours.

All in one

You can collect all payments for different concepts or tools on the same platform.


Online Payments

If I set up online payments, can my customers pay onsite?

Of course. We give the option to configure payments through mandatory or optional online check-in.

Is it possible to pay for the reservation online during the stay?

At this time you can only pay for your reservation through online check-in at the time of check-in.

When will the service be available?

Now available!

Still have questions?

If you want, you can automate your check-ins right now