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Discover the main benefits of onsite check-in

Register your guests through our App thanks to Chekin’s OCR scanner.

A faster and more convenient registration process for owners and guests

  • Improve your guests’ experience.
  • Register your guests in just a few seconds.
  • Capture your guests’ data by scanning their ID documents.
  • Automatically generate and send travellers’ reports to the authorities.
  • Add value to your tourist accommodation proposal.

Onsite Check-in: What is it?

Capture guest data instantly

Quick and simple ID card scanning

Wave goodbye to manual guest data entry. Thanks to onsite check-in, collecting your guests’ information is a process that takes just a few seconds. Our app captures all guest data available in the MRZ instantly, allowing you to focus on providing an exceptional experience for your guests. The MRZ is the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and is an encrypted zone used on ID documents.

Automatic guest registration

Onsite check-in goes beyond simply scanning a guest’s ID card. When the ID card details are captured, they are automatically recorded in the Chekin dashboard. This feature saves considerable time and drastically reduces the possibility of making mistakes, ensuring that you always have accurate and up-to-date information about your guests.

Sending to the competent authorities

Onsite check-in is not only about registering your guests, but also about automatically sending the data to the relevant authorities when mandatory. Complying with regulations in a simple and efficient way is possible thanks to Chekin s solution!

Turn your check-in process into something greater today with onsite check-in. Sign up now and find out how we can make your life easier.

Onsite check-in features presencial

More characteristics from the onsite check-in feature presencial


All documentation and bookings are available in your Chekin dashboard.

Mobile App

Manage your bookings from the Chekin app available for IOS and Android.


Registering via the OCR scanner can be done from various devices.

Travellers’ Reports

Chekin creates travellers’ reports and sends them to the authorities when mandatory.


Onsite check-in

How does onsite check-in work?

Through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) scanning of guest ID documents, data is captured and travellers’ reports generated automatically. These reports are sent daily to the authorities when mandatory.

Can the Chekin App capture data from documents by scanning?

Yes, Chekin’s app makes it possible to extract data from clear images of documents. As long as the image quality is adequate and all details are legible.

How should I scan the documents?

For identity documents (DNI or equivalent), the back of the document must be scanned; in the case of passports, the front of the document must be scanned.

What is the signing procedure to be followed by guests during onsite check-in?

Guests have the option to digitally sign on the screen of the mobile device or other device used for the onsite check-in process.

What types of documents can I scan with the Chekin App?

The OCR scanner captures personal data contained within the MRZ code, the alphanumeric code contained on the back of passport IDs of all nationalities, and on the front of passports. Simply framing with the smartphone camera is enough for the data to be captured correctly. Driver’s licences and old identity cards are not included as they do not have the MRZ code.

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