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Improve your check-ins.

You will save money, time and your guests will give you better reviews

Type of accommodation:

Number of properties:

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Min. 10 rooms



Save up to 20%


/monthper property

/month for 1 properties

Working with lot of properties? Get a custom price.

Working with lot of rooms? Get a custom price.

  • Online check-in
  • Document scanner
  • Police registration
  • PMS Integrations (?)
  • Security deposits * (?)
  • Payments * (?)
  • Personalized experiences
  • Rental agreements
  • Custom emails
  • Custom forms
  • Unlimited check-ins
  • Unlimited cloud storage

*No recurring subscription required, but there’s a transaction fee.


Please ask to our sales team

  • API connection
  • More than 100 properties


Build your perfect plan easily.

Type of property:

Number of properties:



Save up to 20%

Add features (prices per property):

Tourist taxes

Ask your guests to pay the tourist tax during online check-in. We calculate it for you. depending on the country, region, type of property, number of adults / children …

More info

In how many properties do you want to use Tourist taxes?

Number of properties:

Remote Access

Your guests will receive a virtual key to access the house without the need to hand over the keys.

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In how many properties do you want to use Remote Access?

Number of properties:

Identity Verification

Our software compares a photo of the guest’s ID/Passport with a photo taken in real time, verifying that it is the same person.

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In how many properties do you want to use Identity Verification?

Number of properties:

Branded Guest App

More info

In how many properties do you want to use Branded Guest App?

Number of properties:



Can the annual subscription be paid monthly?

The annual subscription is paid in a single payment and guarantees the use of the service for twelve months. For that reason, we can offer that price reduction compared to the monthly subscription.

Can Self Check-in be contracted for some properties / rooms and not others?

Certainly. You can have the Self Check-in service only for certain properties/rooms. And obviously, you only have to pay for those properties/rooms where you use this service.

Does the price of my subscription depend on the number of properties?

The more properties you register, the cheaper your subscription will be. We set ranges of 10 properties and each time you pass a range, the subscription price goes down.

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