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Chekin Enhances Safety of Vacation Rental Businesses with Damage Protection Feature

Chekin, the ultimate check-in automation platform, has announced the launch of Damage Protection, a comprehensive safeguard for vacation rental managers that protects their properties against guest damages and theft.

This launch provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind for property managers. Now, they can request guests to pay a deposit or choose protection coverage during the online check-in process, ensuring financial support in case of damages and guaranteeing property protection.

Extra Protection for Your Properties

Damage Protection addresses a key need in the industry and has already been adopted by over 2,000 Chekin client properties. Vacation rental managers can choose the type of protection that best suits their business needs, whether it’s Security Deposits, Protection Coverage or both. And the best part? It’s completely free to use and enables rental owners to generate extra revenue.

Benefits of Security Deposits

Financial Protection 

Deposits provides a solid financial backup to vacation rental managers, securing properties and shielding them from unforeseen repair expenses. This adds an additional layer of protection to businesses.

Immediate Collection

Vacation rental managers receive the online deposits instantly, simplifying the collection process, streamlining operations, and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Commitment to Protection

This feature not only protects the properties but also fosters responsibility on the guests side, resulting in better-maintained properties and a superior experience for everyone.

Customized Refunds

Vacation rental managers define the deposit refund period after check-out, offering total flexibility. This provides peace of mind to vacation rental owners while enhancing the guest experience by providing a simpler refund process.

Amounts Tailored to Every Need

With Deposits, each user decides the amount and type of deposit that best suits their business needs.

Benefits of the Damage Protection Coverage Program

Zero-Deductible Coverage

Damage Protection eliminates the complication of deductibles. Guests pay a fixed price for protection coverage, with no surprises or additional costs, providing transparency and a better experience.

Broad Protection

From accidental or intentional damages to theft, the feature offers a complete coverage. Backed by Waivo, experts in vacation rental protection, properties are safeguarded from a variety of unforeseen situations.

No Guest Communication

This alternative simplifies the claims process. Owners report damages and receive settlements without needing to interact with guests, saving time, avoiding potential conflicts, and efficiently managing property protection.

Generate Extra Revenue per Booking

Users can apply an additional margin to the final fee charged to the guest, boosting direct revenue for each reservation.

Carlos Lagares, CEO of Chekin, commented: ‘At Chekin, we understand how tedious and costly claims for guest damages can be. Damage Protection is a significant step toward simplifying vacation business management and ensuring exceptional experiences for both, vacation rental managers and guests.'”

Discover more about how Chekin is enhancing vacation rental businesses safety with Deposits and Damage Protection.

About Chekin

Chekin helps vacation rental managers automate the entire check-in process, from booking confirmation to check-out. With over 80,000 client properties worldwide, Chekin helps streamline operations, save time, enhance guest satisfaction, and generate additional revenue.

Designed to enhance and simplify the check-in experience, Chekin offers features such as guest registration and identification, remote access, sending guest information to the police, online deposits, upselling, and much more. For more information, please visit Chekin.