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How to perform tourist registration in the police Webpol system

The tourists’ registration process into the police Webpol system has become routine for the owners and managers of any tourist accommodation. The Spanish Citizen’s security law from 30th March 2015 regulates these activities and requires series of necessary measures to be taken in order to abide by the law.


One of the requirements is to register all tourists older than 16 years. This can be done by completing a form, known as “parte de viajeros”, which must follow the established methodology in the Anex of the Executive Order INT/1922/2003.
The data collected during these processes must be handed over to the police, at the corresponding police department – in case the city, where the property is located, does not have a police station, the registration takes place in the police station of “La Guardia Civil”.

Registration process at Webpol

The process is very straightforward, the application process in webpol can be performed only in person. The owner or property manager must identify himself/herself by providing the following original documents together with a photocopy of them:

  • Identity document of the person who is going to carry out the procedure or, if applicable, an authorization of representation
  • Accomodation registration statement of responsibility (the same form you registered at the Turism office)
  • The deed in lieu document and “Nota Simple” which is a Spanish Land Registry Certificate

When everything is performed correctly and all the documents are provided, the registration process will proceed with the submission of the application to the police, who will assign a corresponding username and password to access the webpol hotel system, which can be accessed here.

How to send the “parte de viajeros” form?

Having access to the platform allows the entrusted person to send the forms remotely; you have the choice between sending one registration or one file that contains all the records from a particular day.
These processes can also be completed in person at the police station (in this case you will need 2 copies), by post (only at the locations without a police station) or by fax.

The owner or the property management company is obliged to archive the “parte de viajeros” in a physical format without any exceptions. Consecutively to create notebooks called guestbook. It must have minimum 100 pages and maximum 500 pages. The guestbooks have to be stored for a period of 3 years, starting from the day of issuance of the last registration form that comprises it.

The tourist registration process at the police station or at the offices of “La Guardia Civil” can be time consuming, especially while accommodating a larger group of people; in any case, CheKin is the solution. Thanks to our mobile application, you can register and send completed “parte de viajeros” to the competent authorities in just one click. If you want to know more, we explain it in this post.

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