Chekin continues its expansion – Now in Portugal!

From Chekin we have great news for you, the online check-in solution is now available for Portugal!

Yes, that’s right. We are continuing our international expansion plan and we have arrived strongly to automate the guest check-in processes in the Portuguese tourism sector. 

Our expansion into new markets already started a short time ago with the opening of commercial platforms in Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom. Now, in addition, we have entered Portuguese territory to bring our innovative online check-in solution by creating a personalized website in Portuguese.

Keep reading and don’t miss out on all the details about our expansion into the Portuguese market.

Why Portugal?

Our expectation with the launch of the personalised website for the Portuguese market is to respond to a growing demand from large and small players in the Portuguese tourism industry, which year after year is growing and acquiring a more prominent role in Europe and the world.

We are talking about a market with very attractive characteristics and with specific needs that have yet to be covered. Among others, the automation of check-in processes for the better management of tourist properties.

In this aspect, according to studies by the UNWTO, Portugal has approximately 100,000 tourist accommodations. What we at Chekin translate as 100,000 opportunities to facilitate check-in processes, in a more convenient and automated way.

This data places the country in the number 5 position in the top European countries with the largest offer of tourist accommodation. After countries such as Spain, Italy and France.Reasons, therefore, more than obvious to want to impulse the online check-in in the country.

But to reach a biggest audience in Portugal, Chekin has been preparing for some time. In fact, we have recently launched the Portuguese version of our website, in addition to having created a specialised team in the country. Key actions in developing exclusive products for Portuguese customers, such as the automatic sending of guest data to the SEF and the integration with the main PMS serving the region.

According to our CEO, Carlos Lagares, the company is excited and has ambitious goals for expansion in this new market: “From minute one, our mission at Chekin has been to become the global leader in all stages of a traveller’s check-in. That is why we are very excited about Chekin’s expansion both domestically and internationally. A result that is nothing less than a lot of hard work and learning: New functionalities, new markets and a lot of enthusiasm for what we do”.

Now our services to automate the entire check-in process, from booking confirmation to check-out, are 100% adapted for customers in Portugal, whether they are holiday homes, hotels, hostels, villas, campsites or any other type of property.

Chekin: The benefits of online check-in reach Portugal

Chekin is the only tool that allows you to save time and money by automating the entire guest check-in process, from booking to check-out, and increase your accommodation’s revenue. In short, an all-in-one solution that allows you to automate the next steps of the check-in process: 

  • Automated traveller registration: Online check-in.
  • Automatic sending of guest data to the authorities.
  • Identity verification through facial recognition.
  • Remote access to the property via virtual keys.
  • Management of security deposits, insurance and online payments.
  • Automated calculation of tourist taxes.
  • Offering personalised experiences for your guests 

In addition, Chekin is used by more than 18,000 properties in 20 countries around the world and has more than 4 million check-ins performed automatically.

Do you have properties in Portugal? Do you want to save time, automate processes and improve your guests’ experience? Click on the following link and find out all the details.