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SAS Online check-in: for Hotel and Hostel

Given the fierce competition in the market, tourist establishments such as hotels, hostels, campsites and holiday homes, have to look daily for actions they can offer to differentiate their brand. Among these new solutions, there is one that has already proven its effectiveness in the market, the SAS for online check-in.

Online check-in is already considered as the best alternative to traditional check-in, allowing hoteliers to simplify the entire guest check-in process, as well as the productivity of their reception, in a very simple and intuitive way.

If you are interested in implementing an online check-in solution in your hotel or hostel, you have come to the right place. If you want to know why it is essential for hotels to offer online check-in in 2022, read this article.

Benefits of an online check-in SAS for an hotel or hostel

Online check-in is a process that has become normalised in the day-to-day hotel industry, and this new trend is set to gain even more recognition during this post-COVID-19 recovery period of the sector. In fact, there are several advantages to adopting this type of hotel technology. Don’t know what they are? Find out below.

Increased sales

It may seem a bit utopian at first glance, but it is absolutely true, and it has already proven itself.

Firstly, centralising online check-in information gives you access to a lot of very important data about your customers. This allows you to learn about their preferences and needs. With this information, you can develop products, services and improve your loyalty campaigns with processes that better match your guests’ expectations. And, of course, you will be able to develop personalised upselling offers for your customers.

A curious fact that confirms the importance of online check-in in 2022 is that 75% of today’s guests prefer to book accommodation with online check-in. Stay ahead!

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Online and On-site Check-in

Indeed, offering online check-in does not prevent you from doing it in person. There is always the possibility, especially in hotels and hostels, to offer a guest the option to check-in in person. Solutions like Chekin provide you with the perfect tool to manage check-ins in an automated way and offer on-site check-in to those guests who need it. Simple, fast and easy!

Improve your guest experience

Sometimes providing a service that positively meets guest expectations can seem like a very difficult challenge. But the truth is, it’s not that complicated. It’s even the small details that make a difference, especially in the hospitality industry.

And if you didn’t already know, 90% of positive reviews come from a good online check-in. Don’t you believe me? Read this article and find out (article link)

Online check-in is perfect for improving your guests’ experience with your establishment, as it allows you to check-in at any time/place/device, receive unique upselling offers, and check-in without having to wait in endless queues at reception.

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Centralisation of all guest data

Online check-in provides the hotelier with a very competitive centralisation of all guest-related information. Once the guest has provided their registration details, these are entered into all the hotel’s systems, from the PMS to the check-in terminal. Moreover, an up-to-date guest register can be maintained, as the traveller does not have to repeat his personal data at every stage of the stay process.

Legal requirements

Another key benefit of online check-in is that all legal concerns are eliminated.

Indeed, thanks to an online check-in solution, the submission of travellers’ reports to the authorities will be automatic. In addition, all documents will be stored and available to you for the time required by law. Discover our functionality for automatic submission of travellers’ reports to the authorities.

Online check-in steps: For Hotel & Hostel

The online hotel check-in process is usually divided into 2 simple steps, which you will see below:

  • Sending the link to the online check-in

Once the booking is made, your guests will receive an email with a link to the online check-in form. You can also send the link via other messaging platforms such as Whatsapp, SMS or Telegram.

  • Booking confirmation

Once inside the link sent by email in step one, guests will have to confirm their booking. They will have access to all their booking details in order to confirm.

Which SAS should I use for online check-in at my hotel or hostel?

The best online check-in SAS and market leader in Spain is Chekin. Chekin is a software that helps owners or managers of hotels, hostels, tourist accommodation and campsites to automate the entire check-in process, from the creation of the reservation to the check-out.

Chekin currently offers a wide variety of functionalities to its customers. Among them you can find:

Online Check-in:

They offer an online check-in. That is, guests will receive a link that will lead them to check-in online, where they will go through the entire registration process.

Identity Verification (Biometric Matching):

They offer the most advanced biometric matching technology. It will allow you to verify the identity of your guests, remotely and at any time.

Upselling Offers:

Through Chekin, you will have the option to use the Upselling tool. It will allow you to offer and sell all the personalised experiences you want to your guests.

Self Check-in:

Forget about handing over keys, thanks to the self-check-in functionality. You will be able to save hundreds of hours by not having to travel to the property.

Insurance and Deposits:

They propose the best short-term protection insurance. They offer peace of mind for you and your guests. Currently they are working with one of the most experienced and important insurance companies in the world.

Online Payments:

You will be able to manage and automate all your guest payments from the Chekin control panel.

Automatic sending of legal documents to the authorities:

They take care of all the legal processes, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can start saving time, money, resources and problems with the law.

Automatic Tourist Tax Calculation Tool:

Chekin’s software will allow you to calculate any tourist tax automatically.

Chekin bases its tool on three pillars: Accuracy, Security and Experience. Currently they have achieved over 4.000.000 check-ins in more than 20 countries, proving their reliability all over the world.

Start your 14-day free trial at Chekin now; free trial.