Chekin’s Guestapp – Everything you need to know

We are very proud to tell you that we have launched the first phase of our new Guestapp.

With the creation of this webapp, we aim to provide the hosts with a useful, reliable and state of the art web design and functionalities, which will significantly improve the experience of their guests.

A webapp entails the registration of the guests where they will be able to store their data and consult or manage them at any time. The hosting of this data will soon allow us to take an even more significant step forward by allowing one-click registration.

In this first phase, we have focused our efforts on launching a more intuitive and optimal online check-in for the user experience, and a more modern and higher quality design (mobile first), so that guests feel comfortable when completing their online registrations.

This Guestapp will replace our current online check-in. We will use the settings you have in the online check-in to make a smooth and controlled transition. So you have nothing special to do, we’ll take care of everything.

These are the steps of the new online check-in in Guestapp.

  • The guest lands on a page where they can see the details of their reservation and a button to complete the online check-in.
  • Confirm booking details.
  • Fill in with personal data and sign. In just a few seconds.
  • We offer personalized experiences (Upselling) at the moment of highest conversion so you can increase your profit margins.
  • Make the deposit and pay (if you have it activated).

Here you can watch a video:

Chekin’s Guestapp – Our roadmap

In a second phase, we will implement the following new features:
  • Guest registration.
    Guests will be able to register with their email and password so that they always have easy access to their data and reservation.
  • Personalization of the Guestapp.
    Possibility to change images, logos and colors to put those of the property.
  • More information.
    More information about the property and the reservation in the landing and in the summary.
  • Account section.
    The account section will have the sections of Personal information, Security, Payments, Identity verification and notifications.
  • Virtual keys.
    Guests will be able to access their virtual keys from the Guestapp.
In a third phase we will include:
  • Data storage.
    We will store guest data (signature, documents, credit cards…) to allow one-click registration.
  • Guest profile page.
    We will launch a guest profile page so that they can have easy access to their details and at the same time they can customize it with their photo and header image.
  • Bookings section.
    Guests will be able to manage more than one reservation. At the same time, they will be able to access past bookings in their booking history.

Stay tuned, we will not leave you indifferent!

If you have any doubts or questions, write us here: