Meet all the Chekin Features: explained step by step!

At Chekin, our goal is to create a 100% automatic and contactless check-in  process, allowing hosts or vacation rental owners to save thousands of hours in the  management of the check-in process using it to improve their business.
 Forget about using different tools, Chekin is an all in one solution that makes your life  easier.

Find out all about Chekin features:

Check-in online:

“Your guests will do the check-in by themselves

Your guests will do the check-in process by themselves through an online form. When the booking is created (synchronized with your pms if you use it) Chekin  automatically sends a link to the guest allowing them to fill it with their personal info.

Chekin also allows hosts to do the “check-in on site” so they can do the check-in quickly and securely at the establishment itself.

They will also have the option to send the rental contract with the house rules to sign it online, and to modify the document as necessary from the dashboard.

Legal compliance:

“Send data to police automatically”

Once the guests have completed the online check-in, all the data will be stored in the Chekin  cloud for the time required by law. 

In case of being required by local law, Chekin sends the data of the guests automatically to authorities, being 100% compliant with the legal requirements, thus saving owners  time and money. 

We do also send data to national statistics institute if required by law

Self check-in:

“Allow guests to access remotely”

This feature is an extension of the online check-in. It includes remote access and  identity verification. 

Once guests have added their personal data manually in the online check-in, they have to verify their identity in  order to receive the “virtual key” to open the property lock (either if it is a Smart lock,  Keybox or collection point). It allows them to access the accommodation autonomously. The  process is very simple. The guests will take a photo of their IDs and then take a selfie.  Our software will use a biometric match to compare both photos and check that they are of the same person. 

We are integrated with some of the most important remote access companies to  facilitate this process. Click here to know more.

You will be able to send a virtual key automatically (or manually) once the identity has  been verified.

Tourist taxes

“We calculate tourist taxes for you”

The calculation of the tourist taxes is complex because it depends on many factors. For  that reason, we calculate the tourist taxes for you depending on the country, region,  type of property, number and the age of the guests. You can include the payment of  this tax in the online check-in process.

Online payments:

“Manage all the online payments from your Chekin dashboard”

With this feature, you will be able to manage all the online payments in your Chekin  dashboard, such as being able to receive payments of the bookings, collect the  security deposits or allow guests to pay tourist taxes during the check-in process. 

Forget about doing this by yourself manually or using different tools and start to  automate and digitize everything, managing all of thisfrom one unique tool.

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